Model Railway Files

These files are available for your download at your own risk.

Some are provided as .zip files as they contain .exe files required to carry out certain updates to the Firmware of your Hornby Elite DCC Controller.

Elite Firmware Upgrades:

Version 1.1

Version 1.2

Version 1.3

Version 1.4

Version 1.41

Version 1.42

Version 1.43

Version 1.44

Elite Operational Manuals:

Original Release (covering version 1.1 to version 1.3)

Version 1.4 (covering all version of 1.4x) to date)

Release Notes:

Version 1.1 - Emergency Stop fixed so that locos remain stopped after power recovery. Improvement to Railcom reading from Lenz Gold decoder.

Version 1.2 - Complete compliance with NMRA standards and Rps. Compatible with Traincontroller software. Initial direction of loco is changed from reverse to forward. Bug fix for speed display updating when loco is changed. Short circuit timing changed to support Reverse Loop Module and Signal Booster. Bug fix for analogue loco (address 0). Railcom default setting changed for Operations mode reading. Bug fix for controller knob 2 switching functions of knob 1.

Version 1.3 - Introduction of Standard and Classic modes.

Version 1.4 - Support for 29 functions (F0-F28) in momentary or latching modes. Support for dummy car programming. Simplified switching of locos and accessories in control stack. Sapphire decoder support for features. Several user reported bug fixes.

Version 1.41 - Controller lockup fixed. Speed knob selection logic changed. Programming of R8215 decoders fixed. Reboot in last mode. Minor display anomalies fixed.

Version 1.42 - Dummy car programming wasnt working - fixed. Improved support for Bachmann decoders. Display corruption in Operate mode mode fixed. Support for Select v1.5.

Version 1.43 - Xpressnet response fix from Elite Emergy Stop recovery. Bug fix in TTS decoder programming and reading in service mode. Quicker response with Select in Walkabout mode. Feedback from hand controllers to Elite screen. POM for suitable accessory decoders.

Version 1.44 - Elite not handling TTS diesel functions F5-F8 correctly - fixed

Select Operational Manuals

Early Select to v1.4

Later Select v1.5

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